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Recent Updates

Note: We will be updating the screenshot above from time to time, as the improvements we make to the Herpes Secret website will mean better convertions.

The most recent improvements we’ve made to the site are as follows:

– A new and improved front page design with a larger video size.

– 8 Attractive bonuses were added to herpessecret.

Keep in mind that we strive to improve the website and product aspect on an ongoing basis, so you have nothing to worry about knowing that the website and product will always be up to date and of high quality.


Setting up your account

STEP 1… Sign Up with Click2Sell for a FREE account. This only takes five minutes by clicking here

STEP 2... Add a sales link to your web site or ezine

Here’s what your sales link will look like …

Make sure to replace YOURID with your click2Sell ID. So if the click2Sell ID you choose is PETER, your link will look like this:

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How Will You Get Paid?

You get paid every 2 weeks and low minimum before a check is issued (earn just $10 to get a check – but configurable to a higher amount if you want).

Checks over $5,000 are sent by global express mail – at no cost to you!
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Automatic e-mail notification whenever you make a sale.

Do you live outside the United States?

This reseller program is open to anybody living anywhere in the world, so long as they have internet access. Click2Sell will mail you a check in US dollars for your commissions every 2 weeks at the address you indicate.


Reach these sales figures Within 60 Days and you’ll also get the corresponding cash bonus payout in addition to the 75% you make on each and every sale.

How to Claim Your Prizes?

To receive your cash bonus email us the following information:
– First and last name
– Valid phone number
– Photo ID
– Specify how you’d like to get paid, if it’s paypal list your paypal account if it’s bankwire include your wire information.

Send this information to and we will verify that the amount of sales are correct and send you your money as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours of us getting your email.



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Email Swipes

Email Swipe 1

SUBJECTS: Genital Herpes Outbreak, controlling Herpes outbreaks


Are you experiencing the worst Herpes outbreak of your life? You’ve had outbreaks before, but this one is taking forever to subside. You know that stress causes outbreaks, and you find yourself stressing over this outbreak, and you’ve gotten yourself into a vicious cycle. You would give anything to be intimate with your partner again, but the herpes infection stands in your way. So what to do?

Herpes Secret is a cure for herpes that is not only effective but it’s fast!

Herpes Secret is a natural method that removes existing Herpes sores and kills the virus that’s in your system. It does both! With the first application, Herpes Secret kills all active Herpes virus on the surface of the skin, while its all-natural ingredients go beneath the skin to kill any Herpes virus that’s dormant.

Don’t delay any longer.


Email Swipe 2

SUBJECTS: Herpes outbreak, Herpes Secret, cold sore treatment.


Are you struggling with a Herpes infection? Most cold sores in the mouth area are caused by the Herpes virus. When a Herpes sore is on your face, it’s even more painful because everyone can see it. And you know that they’re thinking “She got that Herpes sore from having oral sex”. It would just be better if you could make the cold sore go away.

Herpes Secret makes it go away.

Herpes Secret is an amazing product that will erase your Herpes outbreaks quickly. Herpes Secret has no side effects, and no one will know that you “erased” your herpes outbreaks.

You owe it to yourself to get Herpes Secret today if you have herpes.


Email Swipe 3

SUBJECTS: Genital Herpes, how not to spread Herpes, Herpes prevention


You have Genital Herpes. A lot of people do, although you wouldn’t know it just by looking at them. You know all the rules of conduct and follow your to-do list and your not-to-do list. One important not-to-do is not to have sex during an outbreak. The only problem is, Herpes doesn’t send you a two week warning letter, so you end up abstaining more than you need to. There is a solution that will let you be more active.

Herpes Secret lets you have sex as much as you want. Just apply fast-acting Herpes Secret to your genital area. Herpes Secret quickly eradicates any Herpes virus that may be present, keeping your partner safe, and letting you take advantage of situations when they arise.

Get back your health and sex life today!


Traffic Tips for Affiliates

1- Review of Products or Blogs Review

The use of blogs to do a “review” of “Herpes Secret” is one of the most powerful tools to increase your affiliate sales and to encourage your site visitors to take action. I recommend that you purchase a domain name related to the product and build the blog with WordPress.

2- Promotion with Video-Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate targetted traffic and many affiliates are using video marketing successfully to earn a good income.

It’s easy. You need to make one or several videos promoting “Herpes Secret” and upload it to the major video sites.

Below is a list of the best places to upload your videos.

If you have any questions, or looking to setup a Joint Venture, send a email to us using our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank You For Your Interest In Promoting
The Herpes Secret Affiliate Program!